Hôtel Tête d'Or Lyon


Warm hospitality, we will come back !2014-02-12 18:46
Reason for stay : Interests
What kind of traveler are you : Couple of mature age
How would you rate
staff : good
equipments : good
cleanliness : good
the comfort : good
The value for money : good
The location : good

What you like most :
We are happy that we have discovered this new little jewel in Lyon. The owner and his team give you a very warm welcome and want to ensure that you will enjoy your stay at their place. They all are very involved by making your stay and the hotel to a success. We liked the decor of the hotel and the room, the comfortable beds and we enjoyed the breakfast in the lobby of the hotel, which is a very bright room by the big windows. We know that there are hotels with bigger rooms than offered in this hotel. But at the end, how longue will you be in the room when you are visiting Lyon ? And on top.... what are you looking for: warm hospitality and people that are interested and are willing to make your stay to a success, or are you looking for just a standard chain hotel with an anonymous check-in ? It's well placed in a quiet residential area with a beautiful shops of a high standard. We had the opportunity to park our car in the parking of the hotel (places are limited, so ask in advance). Within 10-15 minutes walking you will at the Opera and you will enjoy the 'madness of town'. we think we have found our 'pied a terre' in Lyon . Robert & Marco

What did you like least :
Leaving the hotel and leaving Lyon...

Would you recommend the Tete d'Or Hotel : yes

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